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or a series of notes and thoughts on 

The following notes were taken by myself during viewings of the film. The text presented includes some direct references to statements made on camera (indicated by quotation marks), as well as a number of observations, side references and potential avenues for further inquiry that came to mind as I watched. I do this because I believe this film to be an important document in the field of parapolitics, and anything I can do to help get it seen by more people - and, in particular, the RIGHT people - I see as worth doing. Secondly, I wanted to create an easy-to-use text and image based "study guide" that both documents and compliments the information presented in the film. As always, I leave it for you readers to decide whether or not I have succeeded on that count. - YOPJ 15/16/2014


The Power Principle II - Propaganda from S DN on Vimeo.

“This film contains controversial subject matter. Interview subjects and creators of some source material may not agree with certain views presented. The Power Principle is a non-profit documentary and has been released online for free.”
"The 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: The growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the grotwh of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy."
- Alex Carey

- We kick things off with a typically ham-fisted clip from an anti-Communist "educational" film from the 1950's...



1. It is always a cause for rejoicing when master documentarian Adam Curtis - the man who brought us such essential series as The Power of Nightmares, The Century of the Self, The Trap and All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace - takes to his blog in order to share his incredibly valuable insights into past and current events. In his most recent wide-ranging post, he discusses the influence of American Marxist thinker, Murray Bookchin, on the recently-updated Utopian ambitions of the Kurdish "terrorist" organization PKK
Bookchin was born in New York in 1921. In the 1930s he joined the American Communist Party. But after the second world war he began to question the whole theory that underpinned revolutionary Marxism.

What changed everything for him was the experience of working in a factory. Bookchin had gone to work for General Motors - and he realized as he watched his fellow workers that Marx, Lenin and all the other theorists were wrong about the working class.
The Marxist theory said that once working men and women came together in factories the scales would fall from their eyes - and they would see clearly how they were being oppressed. They would also see how they could bond together to become a powerful force that would overthrow the capitalists.
Bookchin saw that the very opposite was happening. This was because the factory was organised as a hierarchy - a system of organisation and control that the workers lived with and experienced every second of the day. As they did so, that hierarchical system became firmly embedded in their minds - and made them more passive and more accepting of their oppression.
But Bookchin didn’t do what most disillusioned American Marxists in the 1950s did - either run away to academia, or become a cynical neo-conservative. Instead he remained an optimist and decided to completely rework revolutionary theory.
Curtis eventually segues into a discussion about the various "perfect societies" as imagined by some of America's leading post-war think tank technocrats - people like Herman Kahn and B.F. Skinner - including video footage of their chilling predictions (perscriptions?) that will sound chillingly familiar to Modern ears. I mean, just check this insanity out...

Anyhoo, if any of these vitally important issues is of interest to you, then I urge you to check out Curtis' blog post for yourself, and make sure to watch all the videos and follow all the links with which he stuffs his latest message. I also suggest you bookmark it and check back every once in a while.


2. So... according to this rather unflattering exposé, it turns out James "The Amazing" Randi - world-famous "debunker" and hero to "rational skeptics" the world over - is nothing but a great big liar with his pants on fire! And a self-admitted one, at that. Wow... you could knock me over with a feather!

3. And, finally for today, just look at this 19th century underwater ballroom in an English lake...LOOK AT IT!!!

This is under a lake, and those are GLASS bricks!

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1. Apocalyptic super-villain scenarios Yesterday they were science fiction. Today, they're (almost) science fact!
Apocalyptic weapons are currently the domain of world powers. But this is set to change. Within a few decades, small groups — and even single individuals — will be able to get their hands on any number of extinction-inducing technologies. As shocking as it sounds, the world could be destroyed by a small team or a person acting alone. Here's how.
Just one of many delightful scenarios.

2. In keeping with today's End of the World theme - and also from the intermittently excellent io9 blog -  here's a handy-dandy, clip-and-save list of the Top Ten Horrifying Technologies That Should Not Be Allowed to Exist! My personal favorite comes in at Number Ten: Hell Engineering!
Some futurists make the case for paradise engineering — the use of advanced technologies, particularly consciousness uploading and virtual reality, to create a heaven on Earth. But if you can create heaven, you can create hell. It's a prospect that's particularly chilling when you consider lifespans of indefinite length, along with the nearly boundless possibilities for psychological and physical anguish. ... Why anyone would want to develop such a thing is beyond me. It's yet another reason for banning the development of artificial superintelligence — and the onset of the so-called Roko's Basilisk problem.
3. Tiz the season... for this intriguing look back at the real history of Christmas. There's a ton of intriguing historical trivia to be enjoyed in this document, just so long as you're not terribly attached to your presuppositions. For instance, did you know that Joseph A. Fitzmyer – Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at the Catholic University of America, member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, and former president of the Catholic Biblical Association –  "guesses that Jesus birth occurred on September 11, 3 BCE"? I don't know about you, but that sets yer old pal Jerky's conspiratorial little brain to spinning at 33 and 1/3 rpm.

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or a series of notes and thoughts on 

a documentary by Scott Noble (2003) 
The following notes were taken by myself during viewings of the film. The text presented includes some direct references to statements made on camera (indicated by quotation marks), as well as a number of observations, side references and potential avenues for further inquiry that came to mind as I watched. I do this because I believe this film to be an important document in the field of parapolitics, and anything I can do to help get it seen by more people - and, in particular, the RIGHT people - I see as worth doing. Secondly, as I did with my relatively popular concordance for The Net, I wanted to create an easy-to-use text and image based "concordance" that both documents and compliments the information presented in the film. As always, I leave it for you readers to decide whether or not I have succeeded on that count. - YOPJ 15/12/2014


“This film contains controversial subject matter. Interview subjects and creators of some source material may not agree with certain views presented. The Power Principle is a non-profit documentary and has been released online for free.”

In the years between the end of World War II and 1989, when it fell, 171 people were killed trying to cross the Berlin Wall. With the Cold War over, why didn't Eisenhower's prophesied Military Industrial Complex collapse? Why did Clinton’s promised "Peace Dividend" fail to appear in any truly significant way? Why did most of the meager cuts to the military budget simply migrate over to private enterprise, where tax-payers still ended up footing the bill?

Ah, but all those pressing questions became totally moot on September 11, 2001. The USA now spends over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS a year on the military. As much as the rest of the world combined. There are over 800 military bases in 150+ countries. More money is now spent on air conditioning for American military personnel than the entire budget of NASA. Cuts to war spending are now all but unthinkable.

This film sets out to examine the reasons why.



1. Remember that robot uprising I was always freaking out over back when I was writing the Daily Dirt on a relatively daily basis? In the years since the Dirt went tits up, that "trope" or "meme" or "idiom" or what have you has become somewhat of a cliche', not to mention an increasingly probable possibility, if the people at are to be believed. In attempting to explain why A.I. are pretty much destined to wreak havoc on mankind, they write:
In the case of utility function, action and stimulus form a sort of feedback loop. Actions that produce stimuli consistent with fulfilling the program’s primary goal will result in more of that sort of behavior. That will include gaining more resources to do it.

For a sufficiently complex or empowered system, that decision-making would include not allowing itself to be turned off, take, for example, a robot with the primary goal of playing chess. 
“When roboticists are asked by nervous onlookers about safety, a common answer is ‘We can always unplug it!’ But imagine this outcome from the chess robot’s point of view,” writes Omohundro. “A future in which it is unplugged is a future in which it cannot play or win any games of chess. This has very low utility and so expected utility maximisation will cause the creation of the instrumental subgoal of preventing itself from being unplugged. If the system believes the roboticist will persist in trying to unplug it, it will be motivated to develop the subgoal of permanently stopping the roboticist,” he writes. 
In other words, the more logical the robot, the more likely it is to fight you to the death.
Anyhoo, if my efforts had anything to do with the increase in awareness of this looming catastrophe, then that would have to be my third proudest moment in terms of Jerky LeBoeuf leaving his greasy thumb-print on the global zeitgeist. The runner up in that category would be my coining of the term "mansap", which I came up with in my porn copywriting days as a new word for semen. But the one I'm most proud of is my crazy neo-expletive: "Jesus Fucking Nailholes!" I see it starting to creep into conversations, and it makes me damn proud, let me tell you.

2. Looks like some "boffins" (that's British-speak for "scientists") have figured out a way to freeze light for one whole minute. Not sure how, exactly, but I'm pretty sure this breakthrough is going to play a big role in the coming war with our Shiny Metal Overlords (see above). Also, be sure to read the entire linked page, because there are some awesome videos full of scientific goodness at the bottom of it. Videos like this one, about how to break the speed of light:

3. Ah! So light and frothy with the suggested readings today! Perhaps I should commit my own version of the Ice Bucket Challenge by plunging you headlong into an incredibly depressing dispatch from George Packer in the most recent New Yorker about exactly how and why the press is LESS free today than it's ever been before. It begins...
In the worldwide movement away from democracy, perhaps the most vulnerable institution is the free press, and the most disposable people are journalists. If they’re doing their job right, they can have few friends in powerful places. Journalists become reliably useful to governments, corporations, or armed groups only when they betray their calling. They seldom even have a base of support within the general public. In some places, it’s impossible to report the truth without making oneself an object of hatred and a target of violence for one sector of society or another.
And it only gets more grim from that point on, concluding, in part...
Despite its promise of liberation, democratization, and leveling, the digital revolution, in undermining traditional forms of media, has actually produced a greater concentration of power in fewer hands, with less organized counter-pressure. As a result, the silencing of the press, otherwise known as censorship -- whether by elected autocrats, armed extremists, old-fashioned dictators, or prosecutors stopping leaks with electronic evidence -- is actually easier and more prevalent today than it was twenty years ago.
Not that there's much we can do about it other than hanging on and doing our best to be honest in all things (a promise that I hereby make to anyone reading any of my blogs). But I do sincerely believe that it's important for all of us to be aware of exactly how dire the situation really is. It's easy for me, here in Toronto, Canada, but maybe not so much for our old journalistic pal J.J. in Istanbul. So keep him and others like him in your thoughts and prayers.

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1. To those of you who found my previously published article about how Glenn Beck thinks the mostly-unread works of philosophy professor Eugene Thacker are part of a massive worldwide progressivist conspiracy, you might also enjoy the Comics Alliance article "Understanding True Detective", which goes into great detail about where that show's writers and producers really got all that nihilistic philosophy - not to mention huge chunks of plot and dialogue. Here's a hint: Alan Moore and his more esoteric works fit snugly in the center of this Satanic spiderweb of influence.

2. Have you heard about the far-right conservative movement filmmaker "Molotov" Mitchell and his new blended "Black Power" / "anti-abortion" propaganda flick Gates of Hell? Here's the trailer...

...and here's a synopsis:
Three years in the making, "Gates of Hell" is a documentary from the year 2016 that chronicles the crimes of a band of domestic terrorists known as the Zulu 9. Finnish filmmaker Ani Juva travels to the United States to better understand the mysterious black power assassins, the unexpected eugenics conspiracy theory that drove them to commit extreme acts of violence and how America's political landscape was transformed overnight. Blending real history and real public figures with a fictitious (yet plausible) future, it is safe to say that you have never seen a film like "Gates of Hell".
And here's a pretty good article about the flick and it's producer.

3. Wanna have your minds completely blown? Well then, check this out:
These are words. If you are reading this it is because you have been taught to recognize that letters, when strung into certain arrangements, form words which are understood to mean things. In this way we are able to share ideas, feelings, truths, lies and adventures both real and fictional. But words only have the power of the meanings we assign them. Break them back down into letters and see that they are merely symbols with an arbitrary link to sound, utterly meaningless on their own.

The written word itself is estimated to be only about 8,000 years old. In the last 1,000, English has changed so dramatically that we require full translations for most texts from that period: Beowulf, The Canterbury Tales, and Piers Plowman all bear little resemblance to our contemporary English. There are texts, such as those of the Indus Valley Civilization, which are already illegible after only 5,000 years. By comparison the half-life of a small percentage of radioactive wastes stored underground is estimated to be upwards of 10,000 years.  
In the late 1980s the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico put together an incredible panel comprised of anthropologists, semiologists, designers, astronomers and a variety of experts from other fields tasked with “developing design guidelines for markers and messages to communicate with future societies about the location and danger of the buried wastes”. The idea was that the radioactive waste they had stored underground would outlast our current understanding of civilization. The words and symbols we would associate with danger and radiation may not be intelligible to future generations and any signs we may put up could be either meaningless to or misinterpreted with the likelihood of any message conveying its meaning in 200,000 years diminishing almost to nil.
Keep reading this astonishing article at You won't regret it, I promise.

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...when, in my recent article entitled The Sand Between Glenn Beck's Ears, I wrote:
...the truth is we're living in a slaughterhouse built on the twin pillars of mass genocide and slavery, and fueled by the ongoing enslavement, impoverishment and starvation of nearly half the fucking planet.
I hereby offer up this Los Angeles Times article as "Exhibit A" for the prosecution.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


1. Are you ready for FOUR-dimensional printers? Yes, that's right... you read correctly. Not those new-fangled THREE-D printers you've been reading about in The Economist and the New York Times, but printers that actually... well... maybe I should let today's first Required Reading entry, this article from, do the 'splaining...
2D printing makes things that are flat. 3D printing makes things that have volume. Add in the fourth D, time, and you make things that move. We're not talking about things that can be be moved, but rather, objects that come printed with the capacity to move all by themselves. ... The process is actually not that complicated, and the smart materials aren't even all that smart: all it takes is a material that acts like a sponge that can be layered inside of a joint during the 3D printing process. When the joint is submerged in water, the sponge material expands and the joint bends. Put a bunch of joints together, and you can get a fairly complex self-assembling object, like this cube:

Okay, so I know what you're thinking. Not so impressive. But considering the way DARPA spends your hard-earned tax dollars, I wouldn't be surprised if we eventually find out that they're working on "Four D" micro-bio-mechanical devices that "react" in certain ways when coming into contact with people with certain blood types, or "epidermal melanin levels", if you get where I'm going with this. Get ready for blood-borne microscopic racist death-bots, is basically what I'm saying. I mean, what the Hell else did you think they were going to do with the map of the human genome? They've been working on it since the Swingin' Sixties, so you'd better believe they've made impressive strides.

2. What with hugely popular file-sharing site Pirate Bay being shuttered by Scandinavian authorities last week, you might think The Powers That Be have copyright infringement perpetrators on the run. How then, to explain China's new, massive - and massively illegal - World of Warcraft theme park, which kicked off without a hitch - and without any input from, or payment to, the game's creators -early this year in Changzhou? I mean, just look at this monstrosity! And do you think they paid anyone involved with the Kung Fu Panda series before they chose to make Jack Black their on-site noodle hut's mascot? Seeing as we're talking about a country that "recreated" an entire Swiss mountain village from scratch - copying every building, every street and even giving their copy-village the same name, all without asking first - I fuckin' doubt it.

3. And finally, if you ever wanted to read about how a tantric "sex expert" managed to yoga-fuck her way into a "Tantric Kundalini Awakening" that was so incredibly, terrifyingly intense that it managed to turn her off sex, like, forever, then today is your lucky day! Former BDSM Janet Hardy's essay about stumbling into the horror of ecstasy begins:
My frequent co-author Dossie Easton and I were working on a book called “Radical Ecstasy,” charting what is known in S/M-land as “spirituality”: the transcendent, ecstatic, deeply connected state that may occur during and after a good scene. We were enacting intense S/M scenes with one another and our other partners, and the scenes were often chosen to illuminate some aspect of the manuscript: edgy role-plays designed to tap into both personal and cultural histories of trauma and abuse, as well as intense, prolonged experiences of bondage and pain. They were risky scenes both emotionally and physically, challenging every skill we’d acquired during our combined half-century-plus of experience. In the spirit of research, we added tantra and other quasi-religious practices into the mix and took classes in those, too.
And if that doesn't capture your interest and get you to read further, then why am I even doing these silly lists?!


It may have escaped your notice, but last September, there was a bit of a folderol in some social media circles after Glenn Beck - the weepy CNN FOXNEWS "self-facilitating media node" took to the airwaves his website to wax conspiratorial about a sinister plot involving nihilists, "progressives", eugenics, NPR, Global Warmers, the Nazis, the New School, the federal government, New Yorkers, the fashion industry, obscure philosophy professors, Jay-Z and BeyonceTrue Detective, and Matthew McConnaughey. You can watch the embedded video above to see for yourself that I'm not exaggerating, and this excellent essay by’s Eugene Wolters covers all the important factual points - and catalogs most of Beck's crimes against reason - very well, indeed.

Basically, Beck has less than nothing to say about the substance of what philosopher/author Eugene Thacker tries to communicate in his book, In The Dust of This Planet... which is kind of bizarre when you consider that's the ostensible topic of this entire video segment. I would frankly be shocked if Beck had even reached out to Thacker for comment. 

Instead,  what we're presented with is yet another example of Beck's trademark "pinball logic". He literally winds himself up, then goes skimming across the surface of things, making annoying noises every time he collides with a familiar name or concept. "Nihilism!" DING! "Progressives!" DING! "Eugenics!" DING! "Jay-Z thinks he's so cool!" DING-DING-DING!!! 

Never mind that there are no conceivable connections between the facts that he's juggling, beyond their close proximity in Beck's tightly-packed frontal lobe. So long as he delivers his spiel with the kind of eerie foreboding and fake, wounded dignity we've come to expect from him, the message is going to resonate with a growing segment of the population that I'm calling New Wave Paranoids. You know, the kind of "independent thinkers" who instantly believe every major news story is either a "false flag event", or a "psy-op", or "predictive programming". They're the ones who go around telling everyone to "wake up", when the tragic fact of the matter is that they're the woolliest sheeple of them all.

Anyway, it should come as no surprise that Beck entirely misses Thacker's point. In The Dust of This Planet isn't describing some future dystopian nightmare world, but the world AS IT IS TODAY. Beck likes to sell the fantastic lie that you and I are living in some sort of comfy, cozy American Dream... when the truth is we're living in a slaughterhouse built on the twin pillars of mass genocide and slavery, and fueled by the ongoing enslavement, impoverishment and starvation of nearly half the fucking planet. 

When considered in this light, the idea that Beck could level charges of nihilistic conspiracy against the likes of Thacker is among the blackest of ironies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This roundup of most of the relevant findings in summary statement of the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's use of (occasionally deadly) torture during so-called "enhanced interrogations" is required reading for every American, be they liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, or whatever other false dichotomies you can point a dead cat's tail at.

However, while reading this severely redacted, extremely curtailed summary of a severely redacted, extremely curtailed report, one should also keep in mind that it covers only a tiny sliver of the vile violence inflicted on often totally innocent people, saying nothing about crimes committed by other agencies, such as the various branches of the armed forces - not to mention their own, completely separate, military intelligence apparatuses - as well as the myriad "private security" firms like Blackwater that were operating in the regions without any kind of operational oversight whatsoever... with often disgusting results.

And so, the question is begged... at what point do we accept that some behavior goes beyond mere procedural overreach, beyond even the idea of profound psycho-sexual negativity manifesting itself via individual interrogators' twisted psyches, and strays perilously close to the same diabolical territory as, let's say, for instance... some kind of massive, federally sanctioned Satanic Black Mass super-ritual?

It's a question one should keep in mind as more and more of these revelations invade our collective consciousness over the next little while.